Magnesium Oil Spray

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Magnesium Oil Spray - a much needed mineral that most are deficient of.

What makes my magnesium spray different? I use pure mineral water in addition to the magnesium to create a magnesium oil that provides a full list of minerals with the magnesium.
Using magnesium oil spray is a quick and convenient way to transmit magnesium chloride into the cells and tissues through the skin. Spray it onto your legs, or bottom of your feet any time of day or night for continuous magnesium absorption. Regardless of where you apply the spray on your body, once it penetrates the surface of the skin, the body transports it to wherever magnesium is needed most.

Magnesium is essential for your energy, cell growth, nerves, muscles and heart and arterial system. It helps you to relax both physically and mentally.

This listing is for a 2 ounce glass bottle.

Health benefits of magnesium

Improves sleep quality.
Calms overactive nerves, relieves stress.
Boosts energy level.
Strengthens immune system.
Hydrates and strengthens skin.
Helps proper muscle function.
Aids in relieving aches, pains and spasms.
Improves bone strength, and protects from loss of bone (osteoporosis).

Ingredients: Mineral water, magnesium chloride (and other naturally occurring trace minerals)

Six to eight sprays of magnesium oil will deliver around 100 mg of beneficial magnesium onto the skin for your body to absorb. At first, you may experience some tingling or stinging. This is normal and will decrease with continued use. Avoid using over sensitive areas and tissues. Your skin may feel a little sticky to the touch, feel free to wash the oil off in 20 minutes or so or just leave it on.

A couple sprays under each armpit can be a very effective deodorant for some, at the same time providing the much needed magnesium to your body. Never apply to underarms after shaving.

* Products are handcrafted from high quality ingredients, but as with any product we suggest a patch test on a small area of skin for sensitivities and allergies prior to use. If an allergic reaction occurs wash immediately.

Type: Skin Care

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