Natural Shower Tablets, Shower Steamers

Elegant Rose

Shower Tablets give you the benefit of essential oils without taking a bath. The essential oils are released into the steam of your shower and absorbed through the respiratory system. For best results, take a hot steam shower, unwrap and put the shower tablet out of the water stream towards the back of your tub or shower. The tablet will fizz on the floor, releasing it's scent. The effects are very subtle, you probably will think it didn't work until you get out of the shower and start about your day and realize that you are finally able to breathe!

The Shower Tablets weigh 2.5 - 3 ounces each and may be used for 1 - 2 showers each. If you prefer to save part of a tablet for another shower, let it dry and store in a plastic bag.

My Sinus blend does contain Menthol, if you are looking for a tablet without menthol, look at my Eucalyptus shower tablets.


Peaceful is a calming blend.


Includes a set of two shower tablets in a box.